Why I Can’t Swallow a Horse

24 Aug

My first pony Little Boy

This post was inspired by the recent legalisation of horsemeat for human consumption in Australia.

I could never eat horse. Many can’t. This is my explanation of why I can’t stomach the thought of it and maybe others too. I am not courting controversy, I don’t care if others can cheerfully chow down on a hoof.

The first restaurant to serve it was the highly acclaimed Embrasse restaurant (see this excellent Melbourne Gastronome review).  I would love to eat at his beautiful restaurant, just not the horse course.

I wonder if chef Nic Poelart was expecting the vitriole that came his way, when he is simply cooking the food that is native to him.  And I wonder if he will serve it again? It must have become quite upsetting.

Chris Badenoch seemed to take great delight in blogging a few horse with beer recipes (somewhat cheekily I suspect). He made it look pretty good, but I still can’t even read them (just skip past to the sausage method!).  Hilary McNevin of Food With Thought has written some very thought provoking articles for Broadsheet Melbourne magazine on the topic.  No-one has really touched on this side of it though.

So for those of you who say… “what’s with those crazy horse people” or “it’s no different to eating a cow” or “Australia already sends gazillions of horses elsewhere for food” here goes….

Where I live, there are many women, if forced to choose between eating their horse, their husband or their children for their survival, I don’t think would  choose their horse!  If that gives any indication of their love for their animals.

There is a special connection that people have with horses which enables human and animal to have an immense trust, understanding and respect for each other which means a strong bond forms between horse and rider. This does not normally occur with cows, goats or sheep.  It is lifelong and connects families.

Little Boy with my sister on board

We ask of them amazing feats of endurance, speed, strength, grace and tolerance. And they respond.

All dressed up like a fairy

They give great pleasure…

Prince taking the neighbourhood for a ride

Push themselves to compete for us….

We drive them to compete for us

And we are thankful for what we both achieved….

Thanks mate

They don’t mind if we hang around on them and have a beer….

Thanks for the ride, beer time

They are beautiful. Part of the backdrop to life…

Spring Time. Planet & Jake

We are best friends…

Planet & Me

And the cycle continues….

The New Pony. Beloved by all. And so it continues

So, no rants. Just some reasons why I can’t swallow horse, and maybe some understanding to others’ reasons why.


2 Responses to “Why I Can’t Swallow a Horse”

  1. claire 25/08/2010 at 5:26 am #

    Hi Karen, thanks for the link. I haven’t written about the horse thing on my blog, not sure if I will or not. Maybe sometime down the track. My immediate thoughts on the topic? I am 100% fine with your choice not to eat horse, that’s your decision to make and I respect that. Although I chose to eat horse, for similar reasons to yours I could never bring myself to eat dog – like you I have a very cute Westie terrier that I love to bits.

    The people I don’t get are the ones who want to attack other people and restrict their freedom to choose whether or not to eat a meat which is legal. Provided the animals are slaughtered under government-approved conditions, it also seems inconsistent to me that such people would protest outside a restaurant serving horse but not outside restaurants serving, say, lamb.

    You state that although you won’t eat it you don’t care if others can cheerfully chow down on a hoof, and I think that’s the attitude to take. If dog meat were legalised tomorrow, I sure as hell wouldn’t be buying it (and would probably give Monty an extra pat and cuddle next time I went to Mum and Dad’s) but I wouldn’t be protesting outside a restaurant serving it or sending death threats to the butcher!

    • Nic 25/08/2010 at 8:36 am #

      Thanks for the link, i completely respect your choice. Thanks.

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