In 1994 our passion for quality beer & country life was ignited by overseas travel. In 1997 we decided to move to the country & start a brewery. 8 years later, that dream became reality.

My interest in fine ales has only continued to grow, and all the good things that go with it; food, beautiful wine, cooking, country life and travel.

Sometimes I feel so excited by the amazing things we do, I decided to start a blog to capture them and share them.

My blog is called ‘The Brewer’s Wife’ not because I see myself as only the wife of a brewer, but because so much of our life experiences stem from our interest in beer and owning a brewery.

On any given day I am most of these things, wife, mother, business owner, daughter, sister, boss, housewife, gardener, cook, president, receptionist, salesperson, team member, restauranteur, marketer, friend. It’s a mixed up, crazy life, but a good one.

I have started including some beer commentary on my posts, not ratings, just my perspective for those that care, to provide a brief view of what to expect.  Because I often look at all things through my beer goggles!

I also have started to include Urbanspoon links on my posts. I am a little conflicted about that, but I believe in sharing good experiences, and Urbanspoon makes it easy for anyone to snap off a surly response.  If only all the people that had a great experience shared it as well, what an uplifting thing that would be.  This is my attempt to do that.


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