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Christmas at the Studio

27 Nov

This annual market, in a paddock surrounded by bush, is truly one of those little things that reminds me how lucky I am to be living here.

One grey old day, we went down the long & winding Bulldog Creek Rd, just past Foxeys Hangout (the place not the winery). Gumboots were de rigueur at this outing.

Two local artists, Flick Pope, jeweller, and Leisa Wharington, glass blower, share a studio in a cute mud brick cottage on a property in Merricks North.

Once a year, they invite other like-minded creators and throw open the doors paddock gate to the public to do their Christmas shopping.  I bought my Christmas gifts for myself from The Brewer and the Brewer’s Daughters, had them gift wrapped and feigned surprise & delight upon receiving them.

First stop, Lynley Northcotte, from Northcote! Lynley was making me 100 mediaeval chalices, due in a couple of days, to serve our Christmas Ale in. She did an amazing job of custom designing them and turning them around in a short time.  Here is her range, the reds were striking.

Marnie, who I know from the kids school, makes these gorgeous creations.  I bought 2 and most of my friends did too. Clever girl, and she wonders why anyone would want to take a picture!

The diversity and originality of the artists there is incredible. I was captivated by the rainbow of colours against the grey/green background of the bush.

Fairies anyone?

More rainbows. Rings, you wouldn’t want to do the dishes wearing them, I think I should keep one on forever.

The Chook Leaf shoes are gorgeous for the kids, made by a friend of my sisters, they have graced the feet of one of the Brewer’s Daughters and they are just fantastic shoes

Cheese / cutting boards made from recycled wine barrels.  On the reverse of each one is the timber is stained from the wine. Mum. Tick.

Wreaths and large garden ornaments made from grape vine cuttings.

My special treat was some beautiful earrings from Mary Odorcic. Most of her silver jewellery features a matt finish with in organic shapes.

The inside of the cottage was laden with the most beautiful glass creations.


Rainbow colours and gumboots

Food, coffee & maybe even some wine is available on the day.  Bulldog Creek Road, Merricks.

Usually held on the last weekend in November, I will try and remember to re-post this post (is that possible) around then.